Tweetchat: Women and elected roles in The RCN

Twitter chat, 28th July at 8pm

Tweetchat: Women and elected roles in The RCN

On Wednesday 28th July at 8pm, we will be hosting a tweetchat that centres on the RCN and its elected roles.

There are currently 49 vacancies for elected positions in the Royal College of Nursing.

We know that the average trade union member is a woman, and membership in the RCN is likely to be overwhelmingly female, reflecting our profession. However, senior leadership in trade unions is male dominated, something reflected in the RCN currently when we look at our Council.

We know that being active within the professional college demands time, a commodity few women have. When we consider that there are additional caring responsibilities, more likely to have higher outgoings, have increased job insecurity due to maternity and childcare which has been exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is of little wonder that fewer women are seen in senior leadership in trade unions. 

How do we address these barriers and support women to be influential in a female-dominated profession? 

Question we will be asking:

  1. What is gained from being an active member in your union?
  2. Women, what are the barriers to being active in your union?
  3. Poll: Women, would you like to be more active in your union?
  4. If you are active, how have you been supported?
  5. Poll: Women, do you feel represented by your elected representatives?
  6. How can the RCN support women to be more active?
  7. Poll: did you know there are currently 49 vacancies for elected positions in the RCN?
  8. How do we engage with those who aren’t able to be active members?

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